, CO
Divide, Colorado

When you stay at a Divide, Colorado bed and breakfast, you will find yourself in the midst of wild beauty and pristine vistas that you will not soon forget. Divide, CO is located on the northern slope of Pikes Peak and surrounded by the Pikes Peak National Forest. This area is the home to Mueller State Park and is the gateway to many of Colorado’s other State and National Parks. Along with fantastic lodging options, this area offers many activities that can be enjoyed year-round. For the adventurous, there is rock climbing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, and ATV and dirt bike trails. For those who prefer to enjoy nature at a slower pace, there are wonderful opportunities for fishing, hiking, bird watching and cross-country skiing. These are only the beginning of the adventures that are waiting for you here. With so much to do during the days, what you need at night is a beautiful and comfortable place to rest you head. Let the Bed and Breakfasts of the Pikes Peak Area sweep you off your feet, help you find your much-needed rest, and send you out rejuvenated for the days to come.